Saturday, February 1, 2020

Social Studies Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Studies Standards - Essay Example The national standards for social studies and the standards set for social studies by Washington state have much in common. The national standards broadly reflect a scenario where the rudimentary elements of the subject are highlighted. Also, the nature and scope of knowledge and skills for students in the different school grades that must be developed are provided (National Standards for Social Studies). The Washington state social studies standards are more specific to its region. It highlights the role of a citizen in society and his rights and responsibilities. It makes study of the constitution of the United States and the constitution of Washington State compulsory for students desirous of graduating from this state (Social Studies). Students in the early grades, middle grades and high school learn social studies in the context of their understanding and grasp. The level of learning and understanding naturally advance as the students scale higher up on the academic ladder, year by year. The students' understanding of the subject gives them greater awareness of their rights and responsibilities in society. Their knowledge of the locality as well as their state and the world at large and their interdependence, also become sharper. Their capability to think and address issues of local application and global importance also gain significantly. For instance, environment and the need to do something to reduce pollution are fresh in the minds of students (Wyoming Social Studies Content and Performance Standards). Social Studies Knowledge As mentioned earlier, the knowledge of social studies advance as students go up the academic grades. The basic knowledge of social studies is essential for every student. For students intending to pursue any branch of study where social studies play vital role like history and geology there is benefit in good score. For middle graders, an understanding that different scholars may interpret similar events in different ways may suffice. For high school students, it becomes necessary to demonstrate that historical knowledge and the concept of time are socially influenced constructions and the questions they raise need to be handled selectively according to the time they occurred (National Standards for Social Studies). Meaningful Learning A systematic and cohesive learning makes study of social studies interesting and meaningful. The student looks forward to such learning and his curiosity is heightened and satisfied step by step with each passing grade. Learning must be such that interest in the subject is awakened. The curriculum must be composed of not only contents but also the means of conveying the message. There must be good use of visuals, audiovisuals, group discussions and interactions with students. The use of computers and search engines like google and yahoo must be encouraged. Students must be given projects highlighting issues on social studies. It is great to note that use of pictures and words in a project enhance knowledge. There is a Chinese saying that one picture is as good as a thousand words. Conclusion As a subject, the indispensability of social studies cannot be overemphasized. It is not possible that one can do without it. Thanks to the technological advancements in communication and travel, the world has become a global

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