Saturday, February 29, 2020

Arguments on Spanking

Three reasons people do not believe spanking is that spanking can cause harmful side effects, spanking is not more effective than other punishments, and spanking promotes child violence. Some of the harmful side effects that spanking can cause are children with depression, poor academic outcomes, or problems in the second half of life. Since side effects usually do not appear immediately, it is impossible to see side effects. It is also thought that spanking can not prove to be more effective than any other punishment. One of the main arguments supporting spanking is that it does not lead to any discipline. One of the main arguments for fighting spanking is that in more than 80 studies on spanking, the results of the survey show that more children experience more corporal punishment, they show more serious behavior. Review of the literature provides a background to understand how spanking affects children. Research on corporal punishment (physical) punishment is defined not as correc ting or managing children's behavior, but as use of physical strength to give children a pain 1. Corporal punishment by law 7. In general, spanking and slapping that do not cause serious physical harm are considered acceptable corporal punishments. Corporal punishment is often escalated to child abuse, Children's Corporal Punishment: Slapping. Standpoint of Inverse Span. Religious Tolerability: Abusing may escalate. As spanking for a while, it is common for parents to repeat spanking when a child is misbehaving. More serious spanking It may become abuser beyond the reasonable power threshold. Corporal punishment often reacts innocently to child's behavior excessively Jan Hunt. 10 reasons not hitting children natural children project: 2. In many cases of so-called bad behavior children are basic Ignore the needs, respond only to your own needs according to your age and experience. Sleep and nutrition, hidden allergy treatment But his greatest need is his parents concentration.

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