Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Social inequality. Race and Class in America Free Essay Example, 2000 words

According to King, the Black Americans had been crippled by the chains of isolation and also discrimination. This is the reason for which the Blacks used to live on an isolated island in poverty, in the center of a huge ocean of measurable prosperity. King also affirmed that the chains of exclusion along with discrimination made the Blacks to remain languished in various corners of the American society and found themselves to be exiled from their respective own lands. Thus, King saw a dream to make the lives of the Blacks free from the chains of discrimination along with segregation and end up the prevalence of greater social inequality based on race and class in every corner of the American society (Schumann, â€Å"I Have A Dream Martin Luther King Jr. Speech: Watch, Read Full Transcript Of MLKs Historic Address Here [VIDEO]†). With this concern, in â€Å"King’s Dream Remains Elusive† Report, Whites and Blacks of the American Society were mainly asked to respon d about the prevalence of social inequality after the speech delivered by King. LITERATURE REVIEW While discussing the two major themes of the Pew report, four readings have been taken into concern. We will write a custom essay sample on Social inequality. Race and Class in America or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Firstly, Charles Murray’s article titled â€Å"The New American Divide† would be discussed, which elaborates the change in civic culture existing in the past, resulting in broadening the gaps between the new upper and the new lower classes of American society. Secondly, the discussion would be based upon a chapter from Dennis Gilbert’s â€Å"Social Class in America†, which demonstrates the class structure of the Americans in an age of growing inequality. Thirdly, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s book, â€Å"Racism without Racists†, is relevant to the discussion as it tends to relate about how Whites perceive racial inequality today. Finally, the reading of Dalton Conley’s â€Å"Being Black, Living in the Red† would be discussed, as this accentuates the significance of housing discrimination in creating racial inequality through wealth distribution policies enforced by the American government during the period of 1970. In relation to the article titled â€Å"The New American Divide† by Charles Murray, a sort of civic culture can be apparently observed to exist in the US during the year 1960, which embraced various significant aspects. These aspects included shared experiences relating to day-to-day lives of the Americans and collective assumptions associated with fundamental American values in terms of religiosity, marriage, hard work and honesty.

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