Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Educational Action Research Annotated Bibliography

Educational Action Research - Annotated Bibliography Example In this attempt, the author employs expositions of ethnography and action research so as to decrease the effect of epistemological cleavage between these two different approaches. Subsequently, the research is more relevant as it involves author’s experience relating to participation in three reception classes. After practically developing this method and its efficacy with the design and approach of new methodological approach in the field of educational research, the authors concludes that the participation in early years education by using the method of participation can be used as a new methodological approach in this field.Dick, B. (2004). Action research literature: Themes and trends. Action Research, 2(4), 425-444. The author has reviewed various action research related books and has developed perspective on the theme and direction of these books. Among finding various themes, the author has found material related to action science, inquiry, system-related approaches and the important aspect of action learning as well in which role and involvement of education, community, health, and organizational developments and subsequent practical applications have been detailed as well. a number of developing themes and trends have been identified including the increase and expansion of action research along with constructive inquiry, participation, involvement of community are those certain factors that have gained currency within the growing context and perspective of action research.

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